Solution-Focused Therapy 101: Theory and Tools for Practitioners


Rytis Pakrosnis, BA in Psychology, MA in Health Psychology, PhD in Social Sciences (Psychology). 

Currently serves as an Associate Professor of psychology at Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania) and as a Visiting Lecturer at the Warsaw University (Poland); is a Board member of the EBTA (Euroean Brief Therapy Association); works as the psychologist at the VMU Psychology Clinic and in private practice; former Board member of the Lithuanian Psychological Society. Rytis has previous working experience as the clinical psychologist and in the field of organizations development and consulting. 

Fields of interest: SFT outcome research; application and research of Solution-Focused approach in different areas and contexts; SF theory development; positive psychology; university students’ wellbeing.

Key Elements 
• Shifting focus from past problems to future goals and solutions.
• Exploring specific strategies such as scaling questions, miracle questions, exception finding, and the use of compliments and affirmations.
• Discussing how SFT principles can be applied in diverse settings including education, business, coaching, and beyond.
• Analyzing real-life examples and practicing SFT techniques through role-plays and exercises.
Learning Objectives:
• Gain a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical foundations of Solution-Focused Therapy.
• Develop skills in applying SFT principles to facilitate positive change in clients’ lives.
• Learn practical techniques for conducting solution-focused conversations and sessions.
• Explore ways to effectively engage clients in constructing their preferred futures and identifying steps toward achieving their goals.
• Understand the role of language, questions, and feedback in solution-focused conversations.
Date: 27/02/2024
Location: VPM Mind Weavers
Registration Fee
Professionals – 250 AED
Students – 150 AED